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10 Integrations Every Manufacturer Needs With Their ERP

May 10, 2021
As manufacturing markets grow more competitive, the need to operate lean and eliminate inefficiencies has become more important than ever.

In the past having a quality ERP system was enough to get the job done. Today the best ERP systems incorporate all the new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies currently being developed. They integrate with these technologies to enable your business to cut costs, work more efficiently, and simplify your entire manufacturing process in ways that were previously only dreams.

The ability to integrate with third-party IoT technologies has already become one of the most important criteria for selecting an ERP system—and a powerful competitive advantage.

This list of the 10 integrations every manufacturer needs with their ERP includes some that are new and some that have been around awhile. If you don’t acquire them soon, expect to be left behind—by your customers and your industry.

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