Material Handling & Robotics - Nov 2nd, 2023
Plus a guide to choosing the right material handling equipment
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Material Handling & Robotics

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In its factory in Germany, Stäubli Electrical Connectors shows how unprecedented flexibility can be achieved in series production with its pioneering of mobile assembly modules with robots that can be docked onto the production line in less than a minute.
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Now your workers can safely push or pull their own weight and several coworkers too with Power Tug™. Dramatically increase employee productivity and safety. Comply with Health & Safety Guidelines limiting pushing and pulling by a single person.

ANCA, a leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, now offers the TX7 and TXcell Linear machines for punch grinding operations—learn about all the benefits.
The high-performance lines enable co-line production of NIO's two electric drive systems and are expected to reach a full-scale capacity of 1 million units by the end of 2024.
The importance of robot programming that’s simple enough to be refigured to any kind of manufacturing environment, as companies diversify to improve sustainability.
EduArt Robotik GmbH has created a robot testing platform, specifically for AGVs and AMRs, so users can easily discern what communications will work and integrate easily and figure out how to scale their operations if need be.
A start-to-finish guide for understanding and evaluating material handling systems.
Editor's Choice
K-BOX offers APIs that connect Kitov software to virtually any standard or collaborative robot on the market.
PAC Machinery's Clamco 250C Combo L-Bar Sealer and Tunnel Combination Shrink System combines an L-bar sealer with a shrink tunnel to shrink wrap a range of products at a rate of up to 12 packs/min.
With CTC high-performance bell-type suction cups from Coval, manufacturers can now have the best of both flat and bellows suction cups to enhance sheet handling tasks.
Piab's LBG-50 bag gripper easily lifts sacks and bags with weights of up to 110 lb. (50 kg) with a gentle but firm lift, enabling higher cycle speeds.
Ideal for upstream inspection of bulk items like cereals, rice, legumes, coffee, and sugar, the XR Bulk X-ray system from Antares Vision Group incorporates vertical piping technology to inspect raw materials at high speeds.