ProSense T2 Series Timer Relays

Nov. 12, 2021
The compact ProSense T2 Series provides multiple types of timer relays.

Compact ProSense T2 Series of multi-mode, on-delay, off-delay, fleeting, and on-interval timer relays has easy-to-use potentiometers, rotary switches, and/or DIP switches for selecting time delay functions and timing ranges.


The T2R-M series multi-mode timer relays provide four functions in one unit including on-delay, off-delay, interval, and single-shot with timing ranges of up to 1000 minutes. The T2R-ND on-delay, T2R-FD off-delay, and T2R-SST fleeting timer relays are encapsulated for protection of internal components and have timing ranges of up to 100 minutes. These timer relays all feature 10A SPDT relay output contacts that can handle most pilot duty and fractional horsepower loads.

  • T2R-M Series Multi-Mode Timers
  • T2R-ND (On-Delay), T2R-FD (Off-Delay), and T2R-SST (Fleeting/Single-Shot) Timers
  • T2L-ND Series On-Delay Timers
  • T2S-ND (On-Delay), T2S-FD (Off-Delay), T2S-SST (Fleeting / Single-Shot), and T2S-TT (On-Interval) Timers