North Primair 900 (PA900) Series Headgear

Oct. 19, 2021
The North Primair 900 (PA900) Series Headgear from Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions provides clear visibility with optimized air-flow distribution.

Delivering an all-in-one eye, face, head, and respiratory safety solution, the North Primair 900 (PA900) Series Headgear provides ANSI-certified and NIOSH-approved protection for a range of applications. With the headgear, users can perform their jobs, breathe comfortably, and stay safe from workplace hazards.


With its optimized air-flow distribution, air can be kept away from the worker's face to avoid dry eyes or directed toward the face for cooling, making it easier to perform on the job tasks comfortably. The ratchet at the back of the headpiece is easy to grab and adjust to ensure a precise fit for various head sizes, even when wearing gloves. The anti-fog and anti-scratch visor provides clear visibility with downward and peripheral vision.


The PA900 Series Headgear offers a high degree of functionality and protection for workers in various work environments and is compatible with other personal protective equipment such as eyewear and hearing protection.


  • Excellent thermal comfort via optimized air-flow distribution
  • Adjustable center-of-gravity
  • Multi-point adjustable suspension system with retention cradle


  • Range of shroud sizes and materials for multiple application
  • Compatible with eyewear and hearing protection

Ease of use

  • Wide field of view
  • Visors with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings