PPE for the Glass Industry

Sept. 24, 2021
Magid is producing unmatched lightness and comfort that protects workers in the hot and dangerous conditions of glass manufacturing.

Magid’s line of PPE is specially engineered to serve the unique needs of the glass industry to protect glass workers from head to toe while keeping them cooler and more comfortable including:

  • ANSI Cut A9 garments that are up to 30% lighter than comparable products for the highest levels of cut protection with unmatched comfort and breathability
  • PPG and Neat certified gloves that outperform the competition and last up to 6 times longer, some with HB Fuller approval for butyl adhesion resistance.


Protective Garments

M-GARD garments with AeroDex Technology integrate new fibers and yarn wrapping techniques to provide lighter weight PPE that won’t trap heat. These cool, comfortable tops, chaps, aprons, and neck guards are designed to protect especially vulnerable areas like the neck, the underarm, the upper inside leg, and the wrist with industry-leading ANSI A9 cut protection and ANSI A7 protection at the chest, upper arm, torso, and back.


Hand and Arm Protection

Magid’s gloves for glass handling are designed for the needs of different levels of glass manufacturing, some with PPG, Neat, and/or H.B. Fuller certification. Whether it’s gloves for handling coated glass, raw glass or window manufacturing, every design includes innovative coatings and maximum cut protection. Protective sleeves are available in materials that are significantly lighter than comparable cut protection.