IE5+ Synchronous Motors

Oct. 6, 2021
IE5+ Synchronous Motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS create energy savings, reduce product variants, and minimize operating costs.

IE5+ Synchronous Motors are focused on maximizing efficiency with a compact footprint that can be installed quickly and easily. With these motors in place, operators can experience energy savings, reduce product variants, and minimize operating costs for their applications, especially where operation at partial loads and low speeds is common.


When the motors are utilized as a part of the LogiDrive complete drive system solution, they create an energy efficient, maintenance-friendly solution consisting of an efficient gearbox, permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), and a decentralized variable frequency drive. Plug-and-play decentralized technology makes installation and maintenance extremely easy, and the LogiDrive system also maintains operational efficiency at partial load and low speeds, making it the ideal solution for intralogistics systems.

  • Performance: 0.5 to 3 hp
  • Protection Class: IP69K
  • Efficiency class: IE5+
  • Optional nsd tupH and IP69K surface treatment
  • Worldwide approvals and acceptance
  • Compact, hygienic design
  • Constant torque and efficiency over a wide speed range
  • Optionally available with nsd tupH and IP69K
  • Worldwide approvals and acceptance
  • Flexible motor mounting: direct mounting, NEMA, IEC
  • Constant high efficiency over the entire adjustment range