LEO-WS10 Handheld Dimensioning and Barcode Scanner

Oct. 7, 2021

Designed to streamline workflows for warehouse, logistics, retail, post office, airport luggage, and inventory management applications, LEO-WS10 Handheld Dimensioning and Barcode Scanner accelerates package dimension scanning, improves collection and loading operations, and minimizes errors related to manual data entry. To ensure reliable operation in industrial environments, it supports a wide operating temperature of 14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C) and is IP54 rated for protection from water and dust. Moreover, it can be easily connected to any computer via USB or RS-232 and is compatible with Windows, Android, and Linux OS, enabling convenient deployment without additional hardware.


Users can simply aim the scanner at the package and press the trigger button to instantly obtain the package dimensions for operational efficiency.


LEO-WS10 is also equipped with a 1D / 2D barcode scanner. Thus, only a single device is needed to complete most of the package scanning tasks, reducing overall hardware costs and integrating workflows.

  •  Laser aimer for accurate aiming at barcodes
  • 3D handheld sizing scanner with embedded 2D scanner
  • No pre-calibration needed
  • Easy operation and portability
  • Compatible with any computer (verified performance with Advantech’s DLT series)
  • Supports Windows, Android, and Linux OS