FlexJet HD Deburring System

Sept. 22, 2021
Karl Roll's highly flexible, high-pressure water jet deburring system takes on deburring and cleaning in one process.

An efficient solution for deburring and cleaning in one work step, the FlexJet HD is a high-pressure water jet deburring system that removes burrs and chips just as effectively as welding beads along with layers of paint and scale. The individually adapted nozzle systems guarantee a high degree of workpiece flexibility and, at the same time, high precision for reproducible results.


The system enables deburring and cleaning with a water pressure of around 500 bar in one work step. The rotary table integrated into the treatment chamber of the system with pneumatic connections for automatic workpiece clamping devices is designed for components with a diameter of up to 450 mm and a maximum height of 550 mm.


The water jet generated in the high-pressure unit with a pressure of up to 500 bar is passed through a four-way nozzle system with an automatic nozzle switch. For a precise and reproducible result, the workpiece can be rotated during the process as required and moved along the X-axis. At the same time, the nozzles can be moved along the Y and Z axes. The water jet can be directed flat for deburring and cleaning larger surfaces. The high kinetic energy also removes stubborn contamination such as sweat residues and silicates.


State-of-the-art control technology is used to position the CNC axes, which are also used in machine tools. The process sequence can be programmed offline using G-code and a teach-in solution via a 15-in. control panel.