DX8 CrossOver Vise

Sept. 22, 2021
Kurt Industrial brings its benchmark DX-series vise design to an 8-in. platform while combining the best features of the Kurt D810 and Kurt 3800V vises.

Bringing the benchmark DX-series vise design to an 8-in. platform, the DX8 CrossOver vise features a one-piece body with a cast stationary jaw. The cast stationary jaw eliminates fasteners on the top of the stationary jaw and reduces the chance of body twist during or after assembly. The jaw design also minimizes chip and cutting fluid blowback with no counterbored holes on the top of the jaw to pool fluid and chips.


The DX8 CrossOver vise retains the lifting handle on the backside of the stationary jaw for easy vise positioning and features Kurt’s proprietary AngLock spherical segment to create all-directional alignment and reduce jaw lift and improve performance. All DX CrossOver vises use sine keys for easy, accurate mounting and feature Kurt’s Lifetime Ironclad Warranty.


New stationary-jaw Kurt DX8, DX6, and DX4 vises were designed using Finite Element Analysis—providing 30% less horizontal push-back deflection than previous DX models. Less vise-body deflection translates to more stability and a lifetime of dimensional precision. The DX8 CrossOver vise features the same bed height and keyway to the stationary jaw face as the D810. The DX8 also features a redesigned nut with less weight, a new brush seal design, and a larger stronger bearing pack for more durability.