Bosch Rexroth Catalog: Battery Manufacturing Solutions

Sept. 15, 2021
Rexroth’s Battery Manufacturing catalog highlights key automation technologies including controls, servo drives, material transport, and more.

Providing a detailed look at key challenges in every major battery manufacturing process, the Factory Automation Battery Manufacturing brochure offers an advanced range of Rexroth solutions to meet those challenges. The brochure reviews critical throughput, process control, productivity, and quality control challenges for the major battery manufacturing process steps.


Addressing these challenges, the brochure details a range of advanced, cross-technology Rexroth solutions for electrode production, cell production, and battery module and pack assembly stations.


Electrode Production: Cross-technology solutions for web handling and coating processes include ctrlX AUTOMATION controls and drives, IndraDrive servo motors, and EMC Electromechanical Cylinders for grinding, mixing, coating, drying, and compressing battery materials and coating anodes and electrodes. 


Cell Production: Whether cylindrical, pouch, prismatic or solid-state, Rexroth high-speed cell transport systems built around the VarioFlow plus Conveyors and ActiveMover Transport System with linear drive technology enable solution-driven cell production with high process reliability and throughput. 


Module Assembly: Today’s high-speed module assembly systems require fast and precise motion and rapid material transfer. Key Rexroth solutions for this process include the PRC7000 Resistance Welding System, Flexible Transport System, the Smart Function Kit for Handling, and the Nexo wireless intelligent nutrunner.


End-of-Line (EOL) Testing: This process step needs to support high-volume vehicle manufacturing throughput combined with accurately testing complex vehicle battery packs. Rexroth EOL test systems combine advanced testing software with the latest-generation IndraDrive ML and fastPLC system ILC high-performance industrial inverter drives to provide safe, controlled, and rapidly delivered DC power.