RHC2512 Thick Film Chip Resistor

Sept. 13, 2021
Stackpole Electronics has expanded its RHC High Power Thick Film Chip Resistor Series to include the RHC2512 2W Power Thick Film Chip Resistor.

The RHC2512 2W Power Thick Film Chip Resistor provides the 2W power rating with lower self-heating because of proprietary materials, design, and processing. The chip resistor will typically operate 15 to 20°C cooler than comparable 2W 2512 size chip resistors. This makes circuit design easier because it may be placed closer to heat-sensitive components.


The high-power performance is ideal for a wide range of control and power applications, thermostats, safety systems, computers, memory solutions, automation and controls, and industrial equipment.

  • Handles 2W of power
  • 1% and 5% tolerances
  • Runs significantly cooler than standard thick film 2512 chip
  • RoHS compliant and halogen free
  • REACH compliant