PWC200 Plane Wave Converter

Sept. 3, 2021
The PWC200 Plane Wave Converter from Rohde & Schwarz USA has a frequency that range covers 1.7 to 5 GHz.

The PWC200 Plane Wave Converter (PWC) is based on a phased antenna array consisting of 156 wideband Vivaldi antennas to form plane waves within an adjustable QZ, placed in the radiating near field of the DUT. It functions as a planar-wave synthesizer and near-field scanner and is designed for 5G massive MIMO base station testing for real-time radiated power and transceiver measurements (EVM, ACLR, SEM, etc.) in a controlled anechoic test chamber environment. The PWC features an internal RF verification solution. This makes it possible to perform precise monitoring and correction of the antenna without using an external antenna. The frequency range covers 1.7 to 5 GHz.


The latest software update increases measurement accuracy and refines usability with a new calibration method. While the software will be preinstalled in new units, existing PWC200 units can be upgraded.



  • Compact base station test system design
  • Versatile quiet zone simulation
  • Automated field calibration
  • Electronic near-field scanning
  • Software tools