H Series Brushless Servo Motor Drives

July 8, 2021

The H Series Brushless Servo Motor Drive, featuring Hiperface DSL, multi-feedback device support, and Safe Torque Off (STO) safety options. The H-Drive is part of Allied’s new AMS (Allied Motion System) servo packages and is designed to drive the HeiMotion brushless servo motors and Megaflux series of brushless torque motors. The H-Drive features a digital, DSP-based design for precise motor control and easy commissioning. This new design produces outstanding servo motion performance for robot, medical, industrial, and automation applications.


AMS servo system packages offer the perfect performance ranges to cover the sweet spot of modern servo system applications. Flexibility for the design engineer is built into the AMS line-up with a wide variety of motor configurations, feedback, and communications options from traditional ±10 V analog to CANopen over EtherCAT, and a complement of standard 13 drive I/O. Options for motor feedback include resolver, encoder, and Hiperface DSL.

  • Power Supply: 110 – 240 VAC
  • Rated Output Current:  12 continuous Arms, 21 peak Arms
  • Rated Output Power: Up to 4800 W
  • Encoder, Resolver, and Hall Feedback options
  • Programmable digital I/O (6 In, 3 Out), including 4 high speed discrete I/O
  • EtherCAT, Ethernet, CAN/CANopen, and ±10V analog communication options
  • PC-based GUI for commissioning, monitoring, and programming
  • H-Drives accurately control the torque, velocity, or position of a wide range of servo motors requiring up to 4.8 KW of continuous power. The ranges of rated performance available with the AMS packages:
  • Rated shaft power: up to 1950 W
  • Rated (S1) torque: up to 5.5 Nm
  • Rated speed: up to 9000 RPM