TF1 Blister Machine

Aug. 26, 2021
The TF1 is an easy to operate blister machine that delivers the same features as more complex machines and offers quick changeover.

Delivering the same features as more complex machines, the TF1 Blister Machine is easy to operate and affordable, while offering straightforward cleanability and quick changeover. The cost-effective blister machine is perfect for low-volume production. Built with simplicity in mind, this entry-level machine requires minimal training and minimal maintenance.


Although compact in size, the TF1 can produce up to a 90 x 165 mm blister with a maximum draw depth of 25 mm. It can thermoform many types of materials and can optionally be set up to cold form. This machine can integrate the same feed systems and printers that are used across the TF1 family of machines.


Features of the TF1 include contact heating, motor driven stations, and servo indexing with print registration.


The TF1 requires little operator training. By scaling the complexity of the control system down, Pharmaworks has created a practical machine that allows the user to clearly see the process, set up the machine, and make changes–with changeovers routinely taking less than 10 minutes.


Due to the simplicity of its design, the TF1 requires fewer wear parts and fewer spare parts relative to competitive systems, which reduces maintenance. The TF1 complies with cGMP standards.

  • Usable Forming Area: 90 x 165 mm
  • Forming Depth (Max): 25 mm
  • Simple to operate
  • 500 mm base roll diameter
  • 300 mm lid roll diameter
  • 1200 mm feed area
  • All stations are independently driven
  • Supports blister thermoforming and cold forming applications