IPT-HD Power Bolt High-Voltage Connector

July 22, 2021

Complying with ISO & LV standards, the IPT-HD power bolt high-voltage connector offers a shielding design that provides low-contact resistance and thicker options for conductor cross-sections used in MCU, E-axle, and E-motor applications for renewable energy vehicles operating in harsh environments. Even after the vibration with 1, 2, and 3-position, the connector can be used in environments exposed to extreme temperatures (-40 to +125°C) and excessively high engine-level vibrations.


With an ever-increasing demand for flexible assembly options for a wide range of diverse applications, the IPT-HD power bolt series comes in 50 and 70 mm² conductor cross-sections, with a 95 mm² option available soon. In addition to the traditional integral wiring harness assembly and an easy machining process for mounting holes, the IPT-HD power bolt connector series provides a separate, single wiring harness for increased assembly flexibility.


The IPT-HD power bolt high-voltage connector is widely used for a range of applications in demanding, high-current, high-vibration environments such as bus, truck, agricultural, construction, and passenger vehicles.

Operating Temperature -40° to +125°C
Voltage Range1,000V
Conductor Cross-sections50/70/(95) mm² 
Current Carrying Capacity250/300/(400A) @85°C
Vibration LevelUSCAR V3/ISO 16750-3 Engine / LV S4
Fire ClassificationUL94-V0
IP RatingIP67/IP68/IP6K9K
Product Speci?cation108-160140
Application Speci?cation114-160083
Specification FollowingLV214 LV215 IEC 60529
  • Low-contact resistance shielding
  • Handles excessive engine-level vibrations
  • Flexible assembly with single wiring harness
  • Quick, easy machining of mounting holes
  • ISO compliant/LV216
  • MCU(Motor Control Unit), E-axle, and E-motor applications