Zone Water Detection Sensor

July 21, 2021

The Sensaphone Zone Water Detection Sensor detects the presence of water on a floor or in a false ceiling to help you prevent costly damage. When the sensor detects water, the system sends alerts via phone call, text or email to designated personnel, so they can take fast, corrective action. This sensor is ideal for use in homes, businesses or anywhere that is susceptible to flooding. It works with all Sensaphone remote monitoring systems and sends an alert when it detects problems like:

  • Burst pipes
  • Leaking AC unit
  • Bad HVAC compressor
  • Water leak

The sensor comes with 10 ft of WaterRope that covers a large area. Up to ten WaterRopes can be combined to form a single sensor for even greater coverage. This sensor operates on two AA batteries—when the batteries start to run down, the sensor will automatically send out an alarm for replacement.

  • Detects the presence of water in a flat area
  • Up to 10 water ropes can be added to one sensor for up to 100' of coverage
  • Operates on (2) AA batteries