FT1380e Electronic Crimper

June 26, 2021

The FT1380e electronic crimper is a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one hose assembly crimp machine designed to deliver a greater level of precision. An evolution of Eaton’s FT1380 crimper, this latest version helps reduce assembly time, operator error, and waste due to pre-loaded crimp specs and color assembly photos displayed for easy validation and accuracy.


Featuring updated LED lighting for enhanced visibility, the crimper features a modern design with a built-in touchscreen and intuitive interface. It also includes an integrated help feature with a tutorial and manual to ensure users are supported every step of the way.


The machine crimps up to 1¼-in. (-20) 6-wire spiral hydraulic hose and uses Eaton’s standard FT1380 variable crimp tooling. With this solution, all of Eaton’s core products will crimp in-spec, out of the box, and without offsets.

  • Variable retract position that cuts down on assembly time and speeds up production runs by minutes
  • Easy setup, calibration, and offsets
  •  The ability to save unlimited favorites
  • Color assembly photos displayed for easy validation and accuracy
  • Updated lighting for better visibility