The CastoTIG 1611 Advance is an upgraded version of the tried and proven Castolin Eutectic Inverter technology already in use. Although controlled by a microprocessor, it boasts a compact power source that is ideal for TIG welding. It can be used on mobile sites for maintenance, joining, and construction-related applications. Weighing only 6.6 kgs, the CastoTIG 1611 Advance is surprisingly compact and comes with a ground cable and robust carrying case. 

  • Ideal for use in construction and repair works due to its minimal weight and size. Additionally, it consumes minimal power and can also be used with power generators.
  • The upgraded version is not only remote controllable, but it also comes with an integrated up/down function. 
  • Enhanced spot function intended for seamless stapling. 
  • It is easy-to-use thanks to the presence of a simple touch panel and the accompanying menu guides. The touch panel has a clear, readable digital display, which welders can use to program 
  • Included standard-integrated pulse function meant for enhanced soldering pool control, especially when working with thin sheets.
  • Presence of lift-arc ignition for repairing areas or sections that are highly sensitive to electronics such as steering and control systems. 
  • It has electronic high-frequency ignition designed to guarantee faultless and contact-free ignition 
  • Auto-pulse for efficient adjustment when performing pulse soldering. All the welder has to do is to set the pulse and current parameters. 
  • S and CE Approval ratings for safe usage, class IP23S protection meaning it's meant for outdoors