Dillon Manufacturing introduces vise jaws with exacting tolerances (+/- .002 in. in all dimensions, including flatness) and machined work surfaces to fit the contours and curves of the workpieces. They are available in 1018 steel, stainless, 6061 aluminum or specified alloy materials, in standard or custom blanks. Additionally, they are available as soft jaws or hardened (heat-treated) jaws in HD or HDL vises. Dillon Vise Jaws are available with industry-standard hole patterns that fit most manufactured vises including Chick, Kurt, TE-Co, Toolex, and Palmgren.


Carbinite coating can be added for improved gripping after the Vise Jaws are machined to specifications. Comprised of wear-resistant carbide alloys that increase grip to enhance mill performance, Carbinite coatings display exceptional bond strength without annealing or distortion.