Where limited space or access doesn’t allow for the installation of a Brill tube-type oil skimmer, the CoolSkim uses a floating weir skimmer with a pump to bring a continual flow of liquid from the sump to the separator. The solution flows through a coalescing media pack to facilitate oil separation and oil rises to the surface, forming two distinct layers. The oil flows down an adjustable weir funnel and drains to a collection vessel. Clean coolant is returned to the coolant system.


The CoolSkim Oil Water Separator is an efficient and effective coolant and wash water management system that removes tramp oil from the surface of coolant sumps and parts washers, extending the life of coolants and wash water, and eliminating bacteria growth in the sump. An optional, submersible electric or air-operated double diaphragm pump brings a continual flow of the contaminated liquid from the coolant or wash water sump into to the Coolskim unit.

  • Extend the life of coolants and wash water
  • Avoid frequent, costly coolant replacement and spent coolant disposal charges
  • Eliminate the source of bacteria growth to keep employees safe and prevent foul odors
  • Extend the life of machine tools by using cleaner coolant
  • Improve the finishing process and the performance of washed parts by using cleaner wash solutions
  • Decrease the need for chemicals or detergents in wash solutions

The solution flows into the CoolSkim and through the coalescing media pack to accelerate separation. Free oil rises to the surface, forming a distinct layer, and it is captured and drained away using an adjustable surface funnel. The funnel can be set to varying heights to dictate how much of the surface oil flows to the oil discharge port. The oil gravity drains to a collection vessel and oil-free water or coolant is returned to the application.


The CoolSkim is comprised of a stainless steel tank (fittings and valves pre-assembled), baffles, adjustable internal weir, and a see-through removable lid.

  • Rugged, stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable funnel weir
  • Intake stabilization
  • Small footprint
  • Portable
  • Easy to install and maintain

Available Options:

  • Floating 3-Ball Weir Intake: Brings the surface oil from sump into the CoolSkim
  • Air or Electric Pumps: Electric/submersible or air-operated double diaphragm pumps are available
  • Coalescing Media Pack: The coalescing media pack facilitates oil separation, making oil rise more quickly and easily. The coalescing media pack is removable for easy maintenance and cleaning.