Exlar GTX060 Integrated Motor/Actuator

July 2, 2021

The Exlar GTX060 integrated motor/actuator is the third frame size in the GTX integrated motor/actuator series of industrial electromechanical actuators.


The GTX Series actuators offer force, precision, and repeatability while eliminating or minimizing the maintenance and inefficiencies typical of fluid power alternatives. With continuous force ratings up to 2,668N (600 lb-ft) and speeds to 40 in/sec (1,016 mm/sec) in both VAC and VDC power options, the GTX060’s compact form can be applied across a wide range of automation applications. In addition, new feedback and splined rod options, available throughout the entire GTX Series, offer additional versatility.


With the addition of the GTX060, frame sizes are now offered in 60, 80, and 100 mm, spanning forces from 2,668N (600 lb-ft) to 15,392N (3,460 lb-ft).


Exlar is a business unit of Curtiss-Wright’s Actuation Division.

  • High capacity planetary roller screws offering up to 15X the life and significantly higher shock load resistance than a comparably sized ball screw
  • New splined rod option eliminating the need for an external anti-rotational device
  • IP66S environmental protection
  • Connects with most leading motion/motor controllers
  • Removable front seal bushings to simplify maintenance and re-greasing of nut assembly to maximize actuator life
  • Bolt-on mounting accessories for simplified installation and ease of field replacement
  • Superior hydraulic cylinder replacement
  • Continuous force up to 15,392 N (3,460 lb-f)
  • Speeds up to 1,270 mm/sec (50.0 in/sec)
  • Standard stroke lengths: 80 (3.15), 100 (3.94), 150 (6), 300 (12), and 450 mm (18 in.)
  • Standard voltage classes: 460 Vrms Max, 48 VDC Max
  • Modular mounting hardware
Motor Voltage
4 (AC)
D (DC)
Max Bus VoltageVAC230/460 Vrms24/48 VDCSpeed @ Bus VoltageRPM5000/75002400/5000Actuator Leadin0. Sinusoidal CommutationContinuous Motor TorqueNm1.351.811.811.351.531.53 lbf-in11.916.016.011.913.613.6Continuous Current RatingA3. Current RatingA6. Constant (Kt)  (+/– 10% @ 25?C)Nm/A0.50.08 lbf-in/A4.50.7Voltage Constant (Ke)  (+/– 10% @ 25?C)V/kRPM30.55.00 - Peak Sinusoidal CommutationContinuous Motor TorqueNm1.81.5 lbf-in1613.6Continuous Current RatingA5.729.5Peak Current RatingA11.358.9Torque Constant (Kt)  (+/– 10% @ 25?C)Nm/A0.350.06 lbf-in/A3.20.5Voltage Constant (Ke)  (+/– 10% @ 25?C)V/kRPM43.17.0Pole ConfigurationNumber of Poles8Resistance (L-L) (+/– 5% @ 25?C)Ohms2.80.1Inductance (L-L)(+/– 15%)mH13.80.3Electrical Time Constantms4.93.1Insulation Class460 VAC Max, 180°C (Class H)