Cambrionix ThunderSync3-16 Charger

July 7, 2021

The Cambrionix ThunderSync3-16a rackmount or desktop charger that provides 16 x USB 3.2 ports and two Thunderbolt 3 host connections—is capable of transfer speeds of up to 40Gbits/s. For data transfer, the ThunderSync3-16 delivers the maximum rate possible. As the devices are connected, ThunderSync's algorithm will detect the highest charge rate allowable for each device.


The ThunderSync3-16 speeds up large data transfer - such as video file uploading or operating system updates - transferring data in the fastest possible time. This managed hub is designed to provide a charge rate of up to 2.4A in sync mode by utilizing the CDP (Charging Downstream Port) functionality built into Cambrionix hubs and mobile devices like Apple devices, Google Nexus 7,10 etc. (A normal USB hub sync rate charge is just 500mA.) The ThunderSync3-16 (TS3-16) is ideal when leaving devices connected to a host for sync and charge overnight as it means they will charge while syncing and continue to charge, if needed, after the data transfer has completed, ensuring the device is reliably charged when needed. In order to transfer data connect the Thunderbolt port of a host computer to a Thunderbolt ports on the back of the TS3-16 using a Thunderbolt 3 compliant cable. Any devices connected to the TS3-16 will now appear as if they were connected to the host computer's USB port. A yellow LED above each port will illuminate when Syncing. For more than 16 ports, the ThunderSync3-16 can simply be daisy-chained via the dual Thunderbolt ports.


The ThunderSync3-16 charges multiple device types simultaneously, irrespective of manufacturer: phones, tablets, ChromeBooks, 3D Glasses, etc. For each device connected, the pre-programmed Very Intelligent Charging protocol insures the correct charging profile is used for the specific product, maintaining battery performance and extending battery life without risking damage to expensive technology products. The TS3-16 is designed to operate with the complementary Cambrionix LiveView app which provides the user with complete control and monitoring. Demonstrating the unique benefits of Cambrionix patented technology, the supplied software displays the charging status in detail. It shows how much energy each attached device is using. Individual ports can be configured for either Sync or Charge mode, both, or turned off. An API is also provided for software automation scripting, essential for software QA and mobile phone remarketing companies.


The ThunderSync3-16 is Intel Certified, CE Marked, UL Listed and EMC FCC tested and is perfect for use by educators, manufacturers, defense, security, software QA, and wearable camera companies who perform large scale charging and data transfer. It is powered by an internal universal power supply. The ThunderSync3-16 is designed and manufactured by Cambrionix Ltd (Cambridge UK) - leaders in mobile charging technology and connectivity.

  • Up to 96 mobile devices can be charged and managed with two Thunderbolt™ 3 ports for daisy-chaining 6 ThunderSyncs.
  • Up to 2.4A (12W) charging per port.
  • 16 USB 3 ports with Intelligent Charge and Manage.
  • Each and every of the 16 ports can achieve transfer USB SuperSpeed of 5Gbps, making light work in transferring huge amounts of data.