DTY-ELF14HC Multi-Function, Self-Cleaning Ionizer

July 7, 2021

KOGANEI International America, Inc., has introduced the DTY-ELF14HC Multi-Function, Self-Cleaning Ionizer for easy and efficient static electricity removal. This high-performance AC (200Hz) system provides excellent ion balance (±5V) and steady long-term elimination of static electricity over an extensive range. The unit’s automatic cleaning function removes dirt on the discharge needle with a built-in brush, so no maintenance is required. (The discharge needle is automatically cleaned once every 24 hours when power is on, or may be cleaned on command by pressing the auto-cleaning switch.)


KOGANEI’s DTY series is ideal for any application that requires a static-free environment, such as workbenches and circuit board assembly areas, or to remove static from packaging film, plastic containers, and parts.

  • Airflow volume control for easy adjustment
  • Extremely low ozone production (less than 0.004 ppm)
  • Balance indicator for confirmation of positive/negative ions
  • Alarm output function
  • Available in steady flow, cross flow, wide area, and overhead model configurations