MATCH End-of-Arm-Ecosystem

July 1, 2021
Any Robot. Any Gripper. Any End-Effector.

"It's a MATCH" ? not only is this true of the first cooperation project between handling technology specialists Zimmer Group and J. Schmalz GmbH, but it's also what the collaborative project is called. MATCH is a multi-functional end-of-arm platform that is fit for the future. Featuring an extensive range of functions and universal communication interfaces, MATCH is compatible with all common lightweight and conventional robots on the market. With the MATCH platform, these two technology leaders in their respective areas—Zimmer Group with a focus on mechanical grippers, Schmalz with vacuum-based technologies—combine the best of both gripping worlds.


Whether mobile and collaborative robotics or fully automated applications, just one flexible system gives the user access to a nearly unlimited range of uses from production and assembly to warehouse logistics, shipping, and even laboratory automation. MATCH is very easy to install. The system can be mounted to the robot flange and set up conveniently with just a few manual adjustments. Configuration is intuitive and extremely easy thanks to support from joint digital services. The quick-change system features various interfaces. In addition to a compatible mechanical interface, a pneumatic/vacuum connection and electrical interfaces are provided. This variety of technological options makes it possible to use many different robot types with a wide variety of end effectors.


The compact quick-change module provides two quick and easy ways to swap a component. In addition to an automated exchange in a storage station, known as the gripper station, exchanging by hand is also possible within seconds. Thanks to the ergonomic click system—integrated on the end effector being changed—it's possible to carry out a manual change with just one hand. At the same time, this prevents the exchange module from falling.


Zimmer Group and Schmalz have their own ecosystem that the user can use for countless digital services. In addition to the SCM communication module (master gateway), the user also has two other tools at their disposal: the intuitive guideZ setup software for further configuration of the gripper and Schmalz Connect Suite for diagnostics of IO-Link devices in the cloud. MATCH guarantees full support and process control from commissioning to ongoing operation and process monitoring.


See how to install MATCH here.

  • A system for lightweight robots, cobots, and conventional robots
  • Automated exchange in the device
  • Manual exchange with easy-click function
  • Large variety of end effectors
  • Compatibility and flexibility—combining the primary handling technologies (vacuum and mechanical gripping)
  • Innovative digital ecosystem
  • Long service life, even in automated continuous operation