DC-HF Desiccant Dryers

May 13, 2021
Kaeser’s DC-HF desiccant dryers with Eco-Smart Control provide consistent, low dew points from -40 to -94°F for flows up to 40 scfm.

DC-HF series of compact desiccant dryers are for point of use or other low flow applications from 7 to 40 scfm and pressures from 58 to 218 psig. These heatless, twin tower regenerating dryers are ideal for sensitive applications that require pressure dew points from -40 to -94°F.  


All DC-HF dryers now include the Eco-Control Smart controller with Modbus TCP communications, remote on/off control, maintenance timers, and operational displays. DC-HF dryers also feature operating modes that meet required pressure dew points in either a fixed cycle or with the optional demand-based PDP control kit. 


With easy installation as floor or optional wall-mounted units, the dryers feature aluminum desiccant cartridges, purge solenoid valves, and maintenance-free shuttle valves. Coalescing pre-filter and dust collecting after filters are standard and can be installed in multiple configurations to fit tight spaces. Plus, the DC dryers’ snap-on front panel provides quick and easy access to valves, silencers, and the controller if needed.


The premium quality desiccant has uniform, crush-resistant beads which maximize the accessible surface area, increase moisture capture, and minimize dusting.

  • PDP down to -94°F (-70°C)
  • Network-capable SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller
  • KAESER FILTERS – with ECO-DRAIN on prefilter
  • Durable and reliable unit design 
    • The durable design of DC-HF series desiccant dryers is evident thanks to such high-quality features as long-lasting aluminum desiccant tubes, maintenance-free shuttle valves, and cartridges filled with a pressure-resistant desiccant material that remains stable in the presence of liquid water. For maximum protection of the desiccant material and the downstream piping network, these compact dryers are equipped with highly efficient KAESER FILTERS.
  • High efficiency – ultra-low pressure dew points
    • Optimized flow conditions ensure maximum desiccant regeneration capacity for minimal air demand. Even at sustained high load levels, the required pressure dew points (-40 to -94°F (-40 to -70°C)) are reliably achieved with minimal pressure loss, either in fixed cycles or via Pressure Dew Point Control. Moreover, further energy savings can be achieved if necessary by means of Compressor Synchronization Control or operation in Intermittent mode.
  • Quick installation and simple network connection 
    • For simple functional checks and swift element changes, efficient KAESER FILTERS are mounted on the outside of the machine. Flexible connections allow them to be attached in variable positions to the upper valve block. The front panel offers simple and convenient access to the valves, silencers, and ECO CONTROL SMART controller.