The Rapid Wrapper was developed as that next step to walking backward while stretch wrapping a load on a pallet on the floor. If the top of the load is reachable and the throughput is steady, then the Rapid Wrapper Powered Turntable Stretch Wrapper may be for you.


Simply place the load onto the 11 x 48 in. chequer plate turntable. Plug an extension cord into any 110V, 15 amp outlet, then connect the low voltage foot control, and you have a stretch wrapper, where it is doing all the hard work. Just stand there and pay out the film whilst stretching and overlapping it, as the load rotates. Stop at the top and apply a top cover if you want to protect the load from dirt and rain. Continue on, to wrap the cover to the load.


The Rapid Wrapper lets the operator unitize the load to the pallet like nothing else because the stretch film can start below the pallet, whereas semi-auto machines start halfway up the pallet. The film can also be passed under the corners if required. Most people don’t realize that when a truck brakes hard or is in a  collision, only the stretch film holding the load to the pallet prevents the load from shifting.


King Group USA is also looking for three Distributors in the US. This product from Australia has been well received, with one company buying 11 units.


It can be stowed away safely on standard pallet racking – due to the notches in the base, thereby utilizing expensive warehouse space when not required. The cables are fully removed for stowing.


The Rapid Wrapper can also be used as a workstation. Instead of placing two or three pallets on the floor to start loading at a comfortable height, simply place the pallet onto the turntable, load, then stretch wrap the load, thereby saving time, having to take the pallet to a stretch wrapper. The pallet can even be jogged around during loading, instead of the operator walking around the pallet, saving time and effort.


When used in conjunction with a walkie stacker, work areas can be completely separated from forklift areas, as the operator can pick up a pallet inside the yellow line from a stack placed there by a forklift outside the yellow line. Load and wrap, then place the finished pallet by the line ready for retrieval by forklift.