HexArmor Adds Hearing Protection Product Line

April 7, 2021

HexArmor's latest product category, Hearing Protection by HexArmor is available in three different earplug styles and several earmuff options.


This line of hearing PPE works to deliver better fit, comfort, and range of sound defense for those working in workplaces with occupational and hazardous noise exposure. The four new earplug styles are:

  • safeComm: A patented and revolutionary design that enables accurate speech perception and low-pressure comfort in a disposable earplug
  • accuFit: Disposable earplugs reinvented for comfort and fit with denser foam construction and three size options
  • simpleFit: Guided disposable and reusable earplugs with ergonomically shaped left and right pins helps ensure a perfect fit
  • K-series: Lightweight earmuffs with a padded band for comfort and snug-fitting soft ear cushions


  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 20 dB, CSA Class B(L)
  • Oval-shaped opening matches ear canal shape and allows for easier removal
  • High density, slow-expanding PU foam for premium comfort and fit
  • Outer grooves allow for larger surface area in the direction of the eardrum to prevent sound build-up in the inner ear
  • Fluted, tapered design adjusts to all ear sizes to offer low-pressure comfort
  • Scientifically designed channels offer low-pressure comfort while allowing spoke word soundwaves to travel through


  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 30 dB (small), 32 dB (medium), 33 dB (large); CSA Class A(L)
  • accuFit designed for use in loud environments (high NRR rating)
  • Patented x-grip technology reduces contact pressure in the ear canal and facilitates easy removal
  • Earplug design significantly reduced the amplitude of sound, while still allowing wearers to be alerted to voice and warning sounds
  • High density, slow-expanding PU foam for premium comfort and fit
  • Ergonomic, tapered shape for comfort
  • All sizes available in corded option


  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 25 dB, CSA Class A(L)
  • Innovative, unique oval design to adjust perfectly to the anatomy of the ear canal
  • Ergonomic pins marked left and right with thumb indentations ensures correct insertion and optimum fit
  • Adjustable neck cord
  • Soft and durable construction


  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 26 dB, CSA Class A(L)
  • Padded headband for premium all-day comfort and low-pressure fit
  • Snug-fitting memory foam ear cushions adapt to the surface and head shape of the wearer
  • Lightweight with length adjustment options for various head shapes
  • Designed for medium noise environments