Automated Bulk Bag Filling System

April 1, 2021
The Flowmatic 04 automated filling system from Palamatic Process Inc. offers automated bulk bag filling and packaging with minimal operator intervention.

The Palamatic Process Flowmatic series offers a range of bulk bag filling equipment from low-cost and manual to high rate and fully automated.


The FlowMatic 04 bulk bag filling system is the complete solution for automatic conditioning of bulk bags in gross weighing operations. This model is designed for continuous use at high flow rates of 20 to 40 bulk bags/hour. The FlowMatic 04 bulk bag filling automation equipment incorporates an inflatable dust containment seal and a height-adjustable structure. The adjustable structure makes it possible to package bulk bags of various dimensions and according to the characteristics of the bulk materials. 


The automated FlowMatic 04 integrates all the necessary options for bulk bag packaging with minimum operator intervention: inflatable seal, bulk bag hanging deck with pneumatic cylinder height adjustment, bulk bag pre-forming fan, weighing and dosing of bulk bags, optional commercial weighing load cells, vibrating densification table, pallet unstacker, belt conveyor, etc.


Operating procedure:

1. Automatic feeding of empty pallets via a belt conveyor
2. Installation of the bulk bag on the filling station
3. The bulk bag spout is connected to the inflatable seal for dust containment and stability
4. Tensioning and height adjustment of the bulk bag by pneumatic cylinder
5. Inflation of the bulk bag for performing and efficient filling 
6. Switch from the inflation system to the dust collection exhaust
7. High rate filling commences
8. Bulk Bag is gradually lowered onto the pallet. The bottom of the bulk bag is formed to promote stability for handling
9. Vibration table works intermittently during the filling operation to densify and deaerate the material. 
10. Gross weight management with a low-speed switch to adjust the final dosing stage
11. End of filling: lowering of the filling head, deflation of the seal, and automatic removal of the bulk bag loops
12. Automatic removal of the bulk bag to the storage area by belt conveyor

  • Conveyor and buffer storage to achieve high rates
  • Automatic dosing and weighing
  • Automatic removal of bulk bag loops
  • Pallet unstacker with a capacity of 15 multi-format pallets