Solar-Powered GPS Tracker

Jan. 22, 2021

A tracking device designed to monitor and track powered and non-powered assets such as trailers and containers, the Solar Tracker is an advanced GPS device that runs on solar power by day and long-lasting, durable batteries by night for around-the-clock coverage of a fleet business’ valuable assets.


The Solar Tracker functions as a key operational tool for the business, enabling fleet and asset managers to use the data accumulated by the device to manage a more accurate invoicing system and to know what assets are available to be used for jobs, which can save businesses thousands of dollars annually.


Fully integrated with Teletrac Navman’s new AI-enabled platform, TN360, as well as the DIRECTOR platform, the Solar Tracker allows fleet managers to view all of their trailers, and non-powered assets simultaneously on the same system. The device is easy to install and rugged, IP67 rated, and suitable for inclement weather.