Refillable Earplug Dispenser

Feb. 18, 2021
Radians' earplug dispenser protects workers and increases hearing protection compliance while reducing carbon footprint as there is no pre-packaging.

A modern, sleek, and functional, refillable foam earplug dispenser, the FPD-500L, arrives prefilled with 500 pairs of foam earplugs and can be quickly placed on a counter or wall-mounted in high-traffic areas like timecard clock-in stations.


The FPD-500L dispenses Radians uncorded foam earplugs: FP30, FP34, FP70, FP80, FP90, and FP94. The earplugs are manufactured with slow recovery foam in various shapes and sizes to provide a comfortable low-pressure fit in different-sized ear canals. The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of the earplugs are either NRR 32 or NRR 33.

  • Product Length: 8.5 in.
  • Product Width: 8 in.
  • Product Height: 15.5 in.
  • Product Cube (CI): 1,054
  • Product Weight: 3.35 lb.
  • Case Quantity: 8
  • Case Unit of Measure: CS
  • Case Length: 17.75 in.
  • Case Width: 16.5 in.
  • Case Height: 16.5 in.
  • Case Cube (CI): 4,832.44
  • Case Weight: 13.5 lb.



  • Wall or Countertop Mount
  • Dispenses Plugs Hygienically
  • 500 Pairs of Deterrent FP34 Plugs Included
  • Easily Refillable with Radians Earplugs
  • Dispenser and Plugs Made in the USA