AVENTICS G3 Pneumatic Valve With Wi-Fi

Feb. 23, 2021

A wireless, automatic recovery module (ARM) for the AVENTICS G3 electronic Fieldbus platform makes it easy for technicians to perform pneumatic valve system commissioning and diagnostics from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer.


The wireless ARM module provides easy access to the AVENTICS G3 Fieldbus platform's diagnostic and commissioning capabilities via an internal Wi-Fi access point and mobile website—even when the valve system is located inside a machine or on a ceiling. It offers the visual benefits of a hard-wired HMI at a lower cost and with higher flexibility. The wireless ARM module generates error notifications for alarms, voltage levels, short circuits, module errors, open load errors, and distribution errors to reduce system downtime.


The device has a small footprint that connects easily to the AVENTICS G3 Fieldbus platform in the space of a jumper clip. It features three power settings for low, medium or high-distance signals to ensure safe and secure access to data—regardless of where the valve system is mounted. Additional security benefits include a wireless signal that can be turned off during configuration, multiple password options, and diagnostic and commissioning information provided with no control capability.


The wireless ARM module is compatible with Ethernet/IP DLR, and PROFINET protocols. Additional protocols are targeted for future release. The module also protects the platform's configuration information from a critical failure, including all settable nodes and attached I/O module parameters.


Emerson also has introduced an upgraded ARM clip for the AVENTICS G3 Fieldbus platform that is backwardly compatible with existing ARMs and G3 Fieldbus platforms. The ARM clip improves system reliability by protecting configuration information from critical valve system failure.


The Fieldbus platform's electronic parameters and settings are automatically stored in the ARM's nonvolatile memory and then the ARM is automatically disconnected from power, to ensure stored information is not erased during a power spike or critical failure. The compact ARM module is easy to install in the space of an AVENTICS G3 Fieldbus platform's jumper clip without having to change the mounting.

  • Standards/Regulations: ATEX Zone 2-22, CSA, UL
  • Operating Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Innovative graphic display enables easy commissioning, visual status, and diagnostics
  • Highly flexible, distributable architecture scales up with your system's requirements
  • Auto recovery module (ARM) protects configuration data during critical failure while the Wireless ARM allows access to vital valve system diagnostics and health monitoring via Wi-Fi connection
  • Power connector allows output power to be removed while inputs and communication are left active
  • Networks with DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, Profibus, Profinet, and Powerlink fieldbus protocols