Versatile, Power Player Forklift

Feb. 17, 2021
Hoist's heavy-duty pneumatic tire forklift takes on massive loads with a capacity range of 22,000 to 30,000 lb.

The Hoist PV-Series pneumatic tire forklifts have the power to move with a capacity ranging from 22,000 to 30,000 lb. The PV-Series is available in five different models and is engineered to perform heavy-duty tasks and is ideally suited for customers in the lumber, steel, and automotive industries.


Built to deliver superior torque, this forklift is powered by a Cummins 4-cylinder 173 HP diesel engine. The electronically controlled Dana TE-10 transmission paired with the heavy-duty drive axle provides smooth, reliable performance and allows for maximum durability in high-capacity and outdoor applications. Advanced dependability is provided by engine protection and high-capacity cooling systems. The forklift also comes standard with a 7-in. TFT touch screen display that provides key operational insights, while fingertip controls allow operators to adjust hydraulic functions with enhanced ease and comfort.


An available PIN-code entry system provides user access control to help limit unauthorized use of the forklift, while the specially-designed pillar-free cabin helps operators maintain clear, unobstructed sightlines. Ergonomic and comfort preferences can also be tailored with available customization options for the standard premium cab with air-ride seats and climate controls. Additional features include wet-disc brakes, an advanced hydraulic system, and a manual tilting cab.


This addition marks the first new product launch for Hoist following their addition to the Toyota family in April 2019.

  • Models: PV220, PV240, PV260, PV280, PV300
  • Capacity Range: 22,000 to 30,000 lb. (9,979 to 13,610 kg)
  • Wheelbase: 115 in. (2,921 mm)
  • Load Center: 24 in. (610 mm)