Feb. 26, 2021
Emerson's line of mini-tower UPS' provide cost-efficient protection from damaging impulses and power interruptions.

Delivering reliable battery backup and surge protection in response to utility power failures, the SolaHD SLN and SPS Series of mini-tower UPS provide IT professionals with the necessary time to save critical data files and to perform a proper shutdown of connected electronics to minimize the component stress caused by a hard shutdown. SolaHD SLN and SPS UPS overcome the challenges of outages by maintaining steady voltage during brownouts and blackouts, ensuring high availability of equipment in industrial, point-of-sale, and office environments. Both complement Emerson's existing UPS offerings with a reliable, cost-effective design to manage power protection needs.


The SLN features Line Interactive topology and has a capacity range from 600V A/360 W to 1500V A/900 W. The SLN UPS models offer Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) which adjusts high and low voltages to a safe level, ensuring the devices have reliable power and preserving the life of the UPS battery. The SPS has an offline topology and capacity of 850V A/510 W. The offline topology allows for the highest VA per footprint of other mini-tower UPS models. 


SolaHD SLN and SPS are customer-driven to align with critical performance concerns. For that reason, all NEMA 5-15R outlets are battery backup and surge protected for safeguarding multiple devices, such as PCs, servers, and networking equipment. Surge protection eradicates surges, spikes, and electrical noise. In addition, there is a USB hub for safely powering connected peripherals.


Lightweight and compact, the mini-tower shape of the SLN and SPS Series fit easily into cabinets and tight rack enclosures. They can be placed virtually anywhere, from a network room to freestanding next to a device.

Capacity (VA/W)600/360, 850/510, 1,000/600, 1,500/900
Typical Back-up TimeSLN600 3.5 min., SPS850 2.5 min., SLN1000 3 min., SLN1500 3 min.
Battery Transfer Time8ms, Max<10ms@AC mode to backup mode
Audible Noise?40 dBA without audible alarm beyond 1m at rated load
FrequencyFrequency 50/60 Hz +/- 10% (auto sensing)
Input Voltage120 VAC
Output Voltage (Battery Mode)120V?10%
Battery TypeVRLA, maintenance-free, sealed, lead-acid cells
Operating Temperature0° to +40°C
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • NEMA 5-15R outlets, protected by battery and surges
  • USB communications Interface
  • Cable included with free software download
  • Two-year limited warranty