Thermoplastic Premelter Units and Trailers

Feb. 2, 2021
DTC's thermoplastic premelters feature an efficient design that provides quick heat-up and re-melt to maximize productivity.

Thermoplastic premelters—The TPM-1000 and TPM-1500—are versatile, heavy-duty, and come with many safety features and accessories designed specifically with the operators and crews in mind. These premelter systems incorporate many standard features that are typically options on other brands. These systems were designed as complete turnkey packages...simply add fuel and material and get to work.



  • The TPM-1000 has a material capacity of 1,000 lb. (454 kg) while the TPM-1500 boasts a material capacity of 1,500 lb. (618 kg.).
  • The heavy-duty units are powder coated with zinc plated components.
  • Their full sweep, dual blade, agitator with center-mounted auger is powered by a low-speed, high torque, hydraulic motor. This efficient design provides quick heat-up and re-melt to maximize productivity.
  • The flat-bottom melter with convex material outlet tube below the bottom surface makes cleanup or material changes easy and fast.
  • The heavy-duty loading door is equipped with an anti-splash safety flap that minimizes the potential for material splashing when filling the unit. The material dispensing chute is equipped with integral safety wings to further protect the operator when dispensing material into the handliner.
  • The digital temperature control system provides precise material temperature control and indication.
  • A UL rated over-temperature controller and solenoid valve shuts down the burner if the material exceeds the desired setpoint.
  • The32-jet impinged burner is mounted on a convenient slide-out tray which provides easy access for inspection or maintenance.


Both the TPM-1000 and the TPM-1500 are available in single, dual, and trailer-mounted configurations. The trailer is available with either 14,000 or10,000 lb.GVWR platforms. They feature an ergonomic loading height; they are available in both low boy and standard deck configurations, with a host of options to meet just about any production need.