Powerful, Electric Vacuum Gripper

Feb. 26, 2021
OnRobot's electric vacuum gripper provides a powerful and versatile solution for challenging palletizing scenarios including heavy, bulky, and porous surfaces.

Large, unwieldy bags of dog food, non-airtight clothing or consumer goods packages, and bulky, porous cardboard boxes. These are just some examples of demanding packaging and palletizing applications that the VGP20 gripper can address. VGP20 is a powerful electric vacuum gripper—compatible with all leading robot brands—that can handle payloads of 20kg (44.09lbs), making it a great fit for a wide range of applications in industries from cosmetics and electronics to pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.


The VGP20 can take on applications that have traditionally been handled by powerful pneumatic grippers–at a fraction of the cost and complexity. While pneumatic grippers require compressed air to operate, the VGP20 is all-electric and ready to go out of the box, enabling companies to save up to 90% on operating and maintenance costs compared to traditional pneumatic gripper deployments.


Featuring unlimited cup and airflow customization and multichannel functionality, the gripper can be deployed on multiple items of different shapes and sizes. Additionally, the gripper’s built-in intelligence, combined with its easy-to-use software, provides precise airflow control functionality that is beyond the capabilities of traditional pneumatic grippers. This functionality allows users to vary the type of grip used in different applications, such as the soft grip used to handle delicate items to the hard grip required for handling bulky, heavy cardboard boxes with porous surfaces.

  • Saves up to 90% over pneumatic grippers 
  • Ideal for palletizing boxes—including cost-saving, thinner cardboard—and handling irregular shapes and porous surfaces
  • Built-in intelligence and multichannel functionality ensure failsafe, flexible operation
  • Complete out-of-the-box vacuum gripper offers fast, easy deployment with any leading robot
  • Easily changeable suction cup options and the ability to add or replace arms to fit highly specific application needs.
  • No external air supply needed, saving maintenance and operation costs