Model 2275 Cable Tie Cutter

Nov. 19, 2020

An ergonomic cutter designed for cutting cable ties and leaving smooth, flat ends without spikes, the 2275 Quick-Cutter features the patented Micro-Shear bypass cutting technology that cuts cable ties square rather than pinching them and leaving spikes that can cut or scratch people. Designed for rapidly cutting cable ties, regardless of their application, this tool provides a full cutting capacity along the entire length of their blades.


Ergonomically designed with the proper cutting leverage, the cutter has soft rubber hand grips that are comfortable to hold in either hand, a light-touch return spring, and no awkward finger loops. Originally developed for the cabling harness industry, it's suited for attaching signs and shades, securing tote boxes, and many other uses.

Type of ToolProject TypeWire SizeMaterial(s)
CutterWire Harness Manufacturing12 to 30Wire & Cable
Cord Sets
Plastics De-GatingRubber Sealing (Automotive)
ElectronicsPlastic Cable Ties
ElectricalElectrical & Copper Wire