Dense Phase System Sets Material in One, Continuous Layer

Oct. 27, 2020

Specified for conveying a diverse range of free-flowing to poor-flowing coarse and fine powders, the DenseFlow PHF dense phase pneumatic conveying system automatically sets the material into a single layer for continuous, gentle, first-in-first-out transport at rates up to 88 CFM with moderate gas velocities, even when traveling distances up to 2,600 ft. The efficient design introduces the air or other transport gas from both the pressure vessel and separately from a discharge elbow downstream to achieve a desirably low air to material ratio averaging 88 lb. of material per pound of conveying air.


Developed for safe, contactless, automated transport of flour, lactose, maltodextrin, cement, fly ash, sand, alumina, and other materials, the DenseFlow PHF dry material conveying system is custom-engineered for each installation based on the required conveying distance, throughput rate, particle size and shape, and other factors. The pneumatic conveying equipment components include the feeding hopper, pressure vessel, pipeline, activators, conveying, and secondary air supplies, plus the company's computer-driven STP 61 touch-screen control system as standard.