Engineered Solutions Brochure

Nov. 18, 2020

Engineered Solutions brochure highlights Nexen’s capabilities and products, which are presented by motion control application:

  • Holding a load during production and power-off applications: servo-brakes, ball screw brakes, guide rail brakes, and rod locks
  • Linear positioning: rack and pinion system
  • Rotary positioning: gears and gear segments, zero-backlash geared bearings, compact packaged rotary indexers, and heavy load indexer
  • Engaging/disengaging a load: tooth clutch, friction clutch, and clutch/brake combinations
  • Stopping and holding a load during machine operation: air engaged friction brakes, spring engaged friction brakes, and caliper brakes
  • Overload protection: air engaged torque limiter and mechanical torque limiter
  • Industry 4.0 solutions: ZSE brake
  • Custom solutions and capabilities