Kent CNC GSL Series CNC Lathes feature a gang type structure with an inclined bed structure design to effectively save tool changing time. The GSL Series Lathes are equipped with a hydraulic six-station turret and have power-driven tools including edge milling, tapping, drilling, and are also capable of grooving processing. These CNC Lathes have extraordinary precision and help shop productivity.


The Gang Type Tooling System aids with high-speed cutting and holds high accuracy during turning of any part. These CNC Lathes are equipped with linear guides for the X and Y axes to provide stable and accurate cutting. As a standard feature, these machines are equipped with a High Precision C-Axis Indexing function.

  • Turning Tool Holders × 3
  • Drill Holder (Single Hole) Ø .78 x 2
  • Drill Holder (Double Holes) Ø .78 x 1
  • Stop Bar × 1
  • Drilling Shaft × 3