Rough and Electric Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Nov. 13, 2020
JLG's new line of scissor lifts features drive at height capabilities and industry-leading platform work areas.

Update 8/2021: 


The RT and ERT scissor lifts are now offered in 40 and 47-ft models. The 4069 and 4769 RT/ERT scissor lifts feature class-leading platform size and an 800-lb. capacity to carry more to height, as well as full drive at height capability. The tallest machines in their class, the RT4769 and ERT4769 provide users with access to five-story heights.


JLG Industries' first models in its new generation of rough-terrain (RT) and electric rough-terrain (ERT) scissor lifts are now available. The 26-ft, 69 in. wide 2669 and the 33-ft, 69 in. wide 3369 are the first to market and come in diesel engine or battery-powered AC electric drive models.


The platform on these new rough terrain lifts delivers 28% more work area, class-leading capacity, and a zero-platform offset, allowing users to get closer to the work area while bringing more people, tools, and material to height. And when it comes to height, the units have full drive at height capability both indoors and out. This allows the lifts to operate along the length of a building at a fixed height, eliminating the need to ascend then descend as work is being performed for improved efficiency and productivity.


In addition to its industry-leading platform size and drive at height capabilities, the new line comes with several other productivity-enhancing features. LiftSense, an evolution of JLG variable tilt, monitors both the weight in the platform and the machine’s tilt to determine the allowable work envelope. This industry JLG-exclusive feature sends information to the industry’s first platform control box with LCD display, showing the operator the max height they can achieve before elevating. Easy-fold rails allow operators to maneuver the machine in and through tight spaces. While features like a USB charger and phone holster allow them to store and charge personal devices without disruption.


QuikLevel Advanced, an available option on RT models, allows the stowed scissor to level on side slopes up to 4.5-deg. then elevate and drive at full height under certain conditions. This is especially beneficial when performing work at height along the outside of a building that has been graded for drainage at a consistent slope. CleanGuard, an environmentally friendly option on ERT models, is a leak containment system that protects sensitive flooring by safeguarding the risk of leaks, so operators can work more confidently in more places.