Discreetly Assess Body Temperature

Nov. 14, 2020
Workplaces can benefit from the innovative iLobby FeverCheck technology that seamlessly identifies individuals who pose potential health risks to your facility.

iLobby FeverCheck features a high-precision, smart thermal camera that accurately scans for elevated body temperature in seconds as part of the regular sign-in process, and flags people who might present a health risk. Rather than sounding bells and singling people out when an individual has fever symptoms, the system protects their privacy by unobtrusively sending an instant notification to security or management, who can deny access if necessary.


This technology enables businesses to automate logging of who is coming in and out of their facilities in order to protect the health of staff, but it also allows for easier contact tracing should there be any identified COVID-19 cases.


It's also able to deliver precise body temperature readings using intelligent technology that can zero-in to focus only on the person signing in, and is unaffected by external factors such as indoor temperature or a hot cup of coffee in a person’s hand.


Based on FDA and IEC guidelines, iLobby FeverCheck safeguards sensitive data by keeping it confidential and protecting personally identifiable information.


iLobby FeverCheck integrates seamlessly into iLobby’s flagship visitor sign-in technology, iLobby Visitor Management System. Combined with the system’s other COVID-19 add-on features, such as Touchless Sign-in and COVID-19 Questionnaires, the iLobby platform offers a comprehensive solution for fully automated COVID-19 screening in the workplace.