Free, Online Fleet Management Tool

Feb. 17, 2021

Complementing the company’s existing digital brokerage platform, Fleet Planner, a free, online tool, gives small and mid-sized carriers access to a centralized platform for managing fleets, streamlining operations, and ultimately scaling their business.


With Fleet Planner, for the first time, easy-to-use fleet management capabilities are now available to carriers for free. Offering a singular platform for streamlining dispatchers’ day-to-day operations, Fleet Planner gives users the ability to organize fleets, seamlessly assign loads, including non-Transfix loads, and quickly communicate load details with drivers.

UPDATE (2/2021): Fleet Planner 2.0 solves specific pain points experienced by small and mid-sized carriers.


Carriers using Fleet Planner now have the power to seamlessly book loads directly in the platform. This directly impacts carrier profitability and driver take-home pay. Simply put, carriers and drivers in the Transfix network now have the opportunity to make more money. With Fleet Planner 2.0, carriers can also tap into new tools that automate communications. These features will be available alongside the mobile-friendly fleet management capabilities offered in the initial Fleet Planner rollout.

  • View fleet: get an immediate, unified view of all in-progress and upcoming loads, with a convenient calendar view.
  • Add and assign loads: add essential details for all loads—including those with Transfix and beyond—and assign to the right drivers.
  • Share load details: streamline communications with drivers via text and save time.
  • Direct Booking: Dispatchers can now bypass the hassle of managing multiple load boards by directly booking Transfix loads and even backhauls in just a few clicks.
  • Driver-Led Status Updates: Fleet Planner now provides the ability to automatically prompt drivers for load status updates via mobile text, alleviating tedious back and forth communications between dispatchers and drivers.
  • Automated Customer Communication: Dispatchers can send automatic, real-time updates to the end customer, allowing carriers to proactively manage expectations and ultimately enhance relationships with shipping partners.