CO2 Purification Machine

Sept. 18, 2020

The Isolator series of column media (stationary phases) are engineered for hemp/cannabis purification to allow Thar's customers to remediate their extracts from unwanted compounds such as pesticides/fungicides or THC; they work best when run on Isolator SFC series systems.


The Isolator XXX is a bonded silica-based stationary phase available in 10, 15, and 20 um sizes allowing for greater polar retention through a useful range of interaction mechanisms. Thar's Isolator SFC systems utilize dynamic axial compression (DAC) columns to allow for simple pack/re-packing of material—which allows users to switch applications daily if necessary.


To ensure high reproducibility, each Isolator XXX column and batch is certified by a stringent QC process comparing both analytical and DAC columns from the same batch. This ensures the applicability of this new media for commonly used types of detection such as UV-VIS, ELSD, and MS. In addition to the selectivity and particle performance benefits, a simplified set of running conditions was developed for use with the Isolator XXX system—allowing for universal training and support for customers around the world. The systems purify up to 3 kgs/day of extracts.