Retail-Optimized Inlay

Oct. 1, 2020
Avery Dennison combines RAIN RFID and EAS in one retail-optimized inlay.

Dual-technology AD-362r6-P inlay combines item-level tracking and digital ID capabilities of a high-performance RAIN RFID (UHF) tag suitable for a wide range of retail apparel products and applications with the secondary loss prevention functionality of an EAS tag.


AD-362r6-P inlays incorporate a UHF RFID inlay and an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag in a single die-cut label. AD-362r6-P inlays feature the Impinj Monza R6-P IC that provides interchangeable 96/128 bit EPC and 64/32 bit User Memory. TID memory is 96 bits with a 48-bit unique serial number.


The primary RAIN RFID related feature of the inlays enables retailers to benefit from improved inventory accuracy, enhanced brand security, and the ability to create a more satisfying shopping experience focused on maximizing convenience and utility. The dual-technology inlay contributes to frictionless shopping as it enables (self) checkout solutions that do not interfere with EAS-based anti-theft systems: 

  • When the inlay is scanned by a RAIN RFID reader during the checkout procedure, the EAS functionality can be deactivated automatically, abolishing the need for a manual detachment of the otherwise needed dedicated EAS tag.
  • AD-362r6-P inlays are approved by the RFID Lab at Auburn University and meet ARC performance and quality requirements.