Micropilot 80 GHz Radar Level Sensors

Aug. 17, 2023
Endress + Hauser's Bluetooth radar level measurement devices can be used where points aren’t easily accessible via the SmartBlue app.

Micropilot 80 GHz radar sensors: FMR60B, FMR62B, FMR63B, FMR66B, and FMR67B are suited for challenges when measuring points aren’t easily accessible, located in dusty areas and harsh environments with extreme process temperatures and process conditions. The sensors come with wizards which operate via multiple HMI formats, including the SmartBlue app, and make the sensors easier to use.


The range of 80 GHz radar sensors for level measurement provides solutions for virtually any radar application. Thanks to the compact device design, it can be used in confined installation situations.


Users are guided through the process by integrated assistants (wizards), thus preventing errors and enabling the devices to be successfully commissioned with limited experience or training. Thanks to a Bluetooth interface, the devices can be controlled remotely via the SmartBlue app. In conjunction with Heartbeat Technology, processes can be monitored continuously, and verifications performed in less than 3 minutes while the process is running.


The HistoROM mobile data memory transfers measuring point parameters without error when the electronics are replaced. The device is repaired quickly and smoothly without requiring specialized user knowledge. Systematic errors, unintentional operating errors, and process anomalies all pose risks to plant safety.


Instrument-led sequences also guide the user step by step through commissioning, parameter configuration or SIL proof testing, thus preventing systematic errors and increasing safety. As a result of the existing Bluetooth interface, function checks or changes to settings can always be performed remotely from outside the danger zone via the SmartBlue app. The innovative communication option, Ethernet-APL, also allows the device to be monitored and operated for the first time via an integrated web server. The color display also ensures safety at a glance by changing from green to red in the event of an error.


Another function that eliminates systematic errors is the automatically generated checksum (CRC), generated from all the safety-related parameters and noted in the test report. Changes to an individual parameter can thus be identified from the checksum, making it possible to see immediately if a parameter has been changed and thus significantly speeding up inspections.

  • Intuitive operation via the SmartBlue app and Bluetooth connectivity or via a control system with a digital communication interface
  • Wizards simplify commissioning significantly and guide the user through the process
  • Easier troubleshooting, as recommended measures are shown directly on the screen
  • HistoROM mobile data unit ensures the safe and easy transmission of parameters
  • Wizards guide you through SIL locking and proof testing, thus keeping operating errors to a minimum
  • Devices developed following IEC 61508
  • Checksum (CRC) ensures that the safety parameters remain unchanged
  • Change in the display backlighting highlights errors immediately
  • Maximum measurement performance, even in challenging applications, thanks to an 80 GHz radar chip
  • Process monitoring, verification, and diagnostics during operation thanks to Heartbeat Technology
  • Easy device integration into asset management systems thanks to digital communication
  • IIoT-ready
 FMR60BFMR62BFMR63BFMR66BFMR67BAccuracy+/- 0.04 in. (1 mm)+/- 3 mm (0.12 in)Process Temp.-40 to 392°F
(-40 to 200°C) -321 to 842°F
(-196 to 450°C)-40 to 392°F
(-40 to 200°C)-40 to 266°F
(-40 to 130°C)-40 to 842°F
(-40 to 450°C)Process Pressure290 psi (20 bar) 2,320 psi (160 bar)  363 psi (25 bar)  232 psi (16 bar)  2,320 psi (160 bar)  Measurement Distance 164 ft (50 m)262 ft (80 m)262 ft (80 m)164 ft (50 m)410 ft (125 m)Main Wetted Parts PVDF, PTFE or PEEK 316L or PTFEPEEK or PTFEPVDF or PTFEPTFE