Fully Connected Logistics With MyWay

Aug. 11, 2020


Quloi, an agile technology firm recently spun-off by ATA Freight, a leading global logistics and freight forwarding services provider, is announcing its first offering—MyWay, an advanced digital supply chain platform incorporating powerful proprietary algorithms and smart prescriptive analytics that drive real-time operational decisions. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, MyWay is a 360º, end-to-end platform designed for use by all stakeholders in the supply chain, from importers/exporters to freight forwarders and transportation companies.


Users of MyWay will derive immediate benefits in terms of accessing instant rates and optimum routes to achieve the best and fastest bookings. The platform enables shipments to be tracked in real-time, visible through its global map. Shipment delays or disruptions can be flagged immediately and customer notifications issued promptly. In this way, MyWay eliminates the endless phone calls and emails associated with issues that arise, while supporting high-quality customer service. MyWay also provides paperless document sharing and storage for improved productivity and savings. Commercial documents can be easily uploaded and shared along with customized reports.


Improving delivery performance is critical in a fast-paced delivery world. Monitor and manage your shipments anytime, anywhere with MyWay’s real-time cargo management. See all your cargo movement via ocean, air, or land on a world map; track an order number, or drill down to the item; view delay risks.

Additional features include shipment notifications and messages, and document upload for quick sharing. Not only does this enhance the user experience, but it saves time and money for your company.