Power-Off Brakes Brochure

Aug. 22, 2020

Ogura Industrial has created a brochure for electromagnetic power-off brakes for the ever-expanding robotic and medical equipment markets. As automation continues to accelerate, the need to hold equipment in place in the case of a power failure, or for positioning, continues to grow.


For these varied applications, the brochure highlights six different styles of holding brakes. Representing around 120 standard models, some key features of these brake families are brake diameters down to 10 mm for micro motors, thin series brakes for compact servo motor applications, mechanically adjustable torque holding brakes, and permanent magnet brakes that have electrically adjustable holding torque.


Ogura brake coil designs allow for over-excitation, contributing to small size and low energy consumption. This is especially useful for battery-powered equipment and/or mobile robots. All brakes are designed to reliably handle the equivalent torque load of the motor that it pairs with dimensionally.


Standard coil voltage is 24V, but other design voltages are possible. Brakes can also come with bare lead wires or can come with custom supplied electrical connectors.