Low Cost, High-Performance Actuator

July 28, 2020


ServoBelt RA is a high-performance, drop-in replacement actuator designed for applications that have traditionally used rod actuators, pneumatic cylinders or even linear motors. Unlike traditional rod actuators, ServoBelt RA is fully guided along the entirety of its stroke, making it more resistant to off-axis loads and more stable in on-axis moves.


With linear forces up to 200 N, speeds up to 4 m/s, accuracy to +/- 4?m per meter and bi-directional repeatability as low as +/- 25?m depending on deceleration profile, ServoBelt RA performance compares favorably to linear motors that cost thousands more.


ServoBelt RA has been built from the ground up for moving chassis installation in both horizontal and vertical Z-axis orientations. Its drive unit features standard or custom mounting hole patterns to make it easy to integrate ServoBelt RA into your machines. A range of standard motor offerings enables the replacement of pneumatic cylinders simply by connecting DC power and rerouting servo-valve signals to the ServoBelt RA.