Pneumatic Fastening Clamps (MM Range)

July 28, 2020

MM range of pneumatic clamps (up to 475 Nm) offers fast repetitive clamping cycles on manual or automated production lines to aid the achievement of lower costs and more efficient output.


The MM range is available in side locking, axial locking, and axial center-locking (twin jaw) designs to suit the many variations required for the handling of jigs and components in all orientations. They are produced in robust black oxide finished steel housings readily fitted to production machines of all types using an extensive selection of accessories. These provide many clamping adaptations quickly and easily with stock components to aid the correct setup and to minimize downtime.


Accessories include “I” brackets that enable mounting of jaw blocks and “Y” brackets to accept clamping screws, so that correct installation may be executed in a simple fashion; also right-angled brackets, jaw blocks, shim kits, center bushings, mounting brackets, and rear protective shields. Correct positioning at speed may be controlled with Elesa MM proximity switches connected to the clamping controller.


MM series pneumatic fastening clamps are characterized by a "double effect" pneumatic cylinder which transmits a rotating movement to the clamping arm and achieves a maximum locking momentum when the clamping arm arrives at the stroke end. Under test, these pneumatic fastening clamps have shown consistent performance for more than 20 million cycles.


Further options include Teflon coating for high temperature and corrosion applications, FKM sealing gasket resistant to max working temperatures up to 518°F (270°C), plus fastening clamps with arm rotating movement and locking in the 20-deg. position or in the 45-deg. position.