Automated Loading/Unloading

Aug. 25, 2020

The TRAPO Loading System TLS 3600 is a fully automated logistics solution for the efficient, cost-effective, and safe loading and unloading of trucks and containers with pallets. With this cross-industry solution, it closes the gap between the warehouse and loading ramp.


In function and design the system is already patent-applied for: The space-saving car loader is only 4.30 m long, only 1.30 m high and can carry up to 3.6 tonnes payload per row. Comparable products are much longer and less mobile. As an option, the TLS can be placed on rails and thus moves at right angles to the loading axis, thus enabling it to serve several lifts. It can be integrated into any production, storage, and sequencing system. Depending on the requirements, several TLS operate simultaneously in one loading zone. In order that the car loader can also be used in high-care areas such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and medical technology, TRAPO AG also offers all components in stainless steel.


The loading of trucks and containers with pallets takes place in four sequences. First, pallets are placed in rows next to each other on the stationary part of the TLS. Then the mobile loading unit picks up the rows and transports them into a truck or container. At the loading ramp, the TLS not only automatically compensates for height differences—it navigates autonomously, bypasses any obstacles that occur, and also compensates for differences at the ramp. Unloading then takes place in exactly reverse order. In this way, the car loader reduces the loading time of a 13-m long trailer with a capacity of 33 pallets to around 15 minutes. Additionally, many TLSs can operate at once.



Vehicle: 15.8 x 7.2 x 4.1 ft (4,830 x 2,200 x 1,250 mm)
Conveying height: 4.2 ft (1.3 m)

Maximum capacity per loading operation: three pallets of 2,645 lb. (1,200 kg) each, total 7,936 lb. (3,600 kg)

Unloaded 7.0 t, loaded 10.6 t

Autonomous driving:
Laser scanner for contour detection on the loading unit; distance sensors for position detection; rear-wheel steering in the vehicle